Sarasota Real Estate Boom Continues

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It looks like Sarasota is having somewhat of a face lift. The city issued record setting permits rolling the building boom right into 2015. Some may worry about the mark this may leave on such an already beautiful city whereas others are excited for what they see as much needed growth and development. No one of course can argue about the jobs and increased revenue a city with a building boom enjoys.
As long as the construction companies are reputable and all share a cohesive vision for the future of Sarasota under the limits of the city commissioner most are excited with the plans and are willing to put up with the three or more cranes that will be adorning the Sarasota skyline.
Just some of the many exciting projects are;
The Q – on Ringling Blvd by Jebco Ventures. What is interesting about this development is it’s the first townhouse project for nearly twenty years. With such a divergence from the usual condominium this may attract younger couples or families to downtown increasing foot fall for local business already competing with the new mall.
The Jewel – on Main Street by Tom Mannausa is set to be the tallest building in Sarasota and so of course is a luxury condominium of prices above 1.5 million.
Sansara – on Pineapple Ave and Ringling Blvd by JWM management inc. This project will accommodate the areas growing residential and tourist market by offering residential housing and hotels.
So just these three exciting projects show how the construction in Sarasota is responding to the needs of the city. With all these huge projects downtown and the rapid growth East of the city there will be an abundance of smaller construction projects adding to the areas prosperity.
It is a very exciting time for the Gulf coast for construction workers, business owners and those of us interested in the many new real estate opportunities.
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