NHLS Offers Exclusive Internship Program with Riverview High School

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The law firm of Norton, Hammersley is pleased to announce the Norton Hammersley Internship Program with Riverview High School, an initiative designed to encourage students interested in pursuing a legal career by offering personal exposure to the field.

The program will allow up to three students per year to meet with attorneys one-on-one to gain knowledge of what it takes to practice law. Students are chosen by Dena Sturm and Dr. Paul Gallagher, the IB Program Director at Riverview High School, and must be at a level of junior or higher and available 2-3 hours a day, three days a week for approximately three weeks to participate.

Throughout the course of the internship, students have access to a diverse range of activities with attorneys in varying facets of the practice of law. This hands-on collaboration will help students discover the differences between each area of law, and serve as a real-world reference to better guide them with their future decisions and aspirations. Students who complete the internship program will receive a scholarship certificate and donation from Norton Hammersley to be used toward a college of their choice.

James Cramer, a sophomore entering into Riverview’s IB program, was the first student to participate in the Norton Hammersley Internship Program as a trial in the summer of 2012. This experience was designated as an assessment of processes and procedures to help calibrate the program for maximum efficiency.

Samantha Weinmann-Smith, a junior in Riverview’s IB Program, participated in the Norton Hammersley Internship Program in January 2013. As a part of the internship, Samantha attended various hearings, meetings and lunches with the attorneys to provide her an in-depth insight of the responsibilities, tasks and projects which exist in an attorney’s typical day.

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