Exciting new commercial and residential developments in Sarasota

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In previous blogs we reported on the exciting new commercial and residential developments that show the economy is strengthening and the Sarasota Bradenton area is thriving. Most people welcome the development and the business and commerce it brings along with it, however there is always that voice that worries about what impact it will have on the area we all love so much.

That is why it is great to hear of land being acquired for no other purpose than protection. On March 24 lots were acquired at public auction at the Sarasota County Courthouse. Land that was once submerged in the gulf has been acquired by Sarasota County. The land, a total of 27,209 square feet had been accumulating since the 1940’s on Siesta Key beach and now widens the most western point that was once virtually nonexistent. The land accumulates due to flow patterns of ‘Big Pass’ Sand drifting from more northern gulf beaches bottlenecks in a sandbar adjacent to Siesta Key and then is deposited by the current on the shoreline.

The land was purchased for $20,000 from monies allocated by the Environmentally Sensitive Lands Acquisition Fund for neighborhood parklands. There are no plans to change the land, as it’s marine and unable to be developed. The intent of the purchase is to protect the environment and for public access.

This acquisition is a very insightful action as the growth of Sarasota relies on people’s desire to live, work and plan vacations in an area of such beauty. The protection and maintenance of the environment is crucial to the growth of local businesses, investments and development of Sarasota and Manatee counties

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